Strong Langauge, I know, but, honestly, the Snip Snap app is crap and worse, it’s coupon fraud.

no snip snap

Forgive the crappy Photoshop job, but you get the idea!


Our Blogger buddy Tiffany from My Litter posted a spot-on article on her blog here. Coupon Maven and Frugal living Goddess Jill Cataldo has more info about the complete BS that is Snip Snap here.

Basically, Snip Snap is an app that allows you to photograph coupons with your smartphone and store them and share them with others. Sounds great, right? No pesky coupon wallet to carry, and if you didn’t get a high value coupon in your paper, you can always find one online within the app for free!

Uh, no. If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you know that I strongly discourage coupon fraud, that includes photocopying coupons. Snip Snap messes with the coupon redemption process. The stores don’t have the paper coupons to turn in to receive their money back, and that causes coupon policies to tighten or change, and that hurts everyone.  For more info on how coupons are processed after they leave our hands, check out Southern Savers post here. It’s really informative.

There are some apps that are on the up and up that have scan-able coupons available from your phone, like the Target app (visit your app store for more details).

If you are looking for some fun ways to save money with your smartphone that aren’t complete crap, I recommend:

  • Wrapp– Send Free Gift Cards to your friends! (I love Wrapp- I’ve scored tons of great free stuff because of it!)
  • Ibotta
  • Endorse


What is your fav Smartphone app for money saving?



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