It’s spring break for lots of us here in San Diego. Well, not me because Little Man is only two and doesn’t go to school, but we’re always on the prowl for fun (and educational), frugal stuff to do. Here is some of our favorite stuff to do that doesn’t require a large withdrawal from our banks account.

  • Free Museum Tuesday at Balboa Park.  Some attractions and museums are always free (Like the Timken).
  • Balboa Park is great to walk through, visit the various gardens( they are free), take a picnic, and if it’s warm enough, maybe play in the fountain!
  • If you happen to be in Balboa Park on a Sunday, check out the free organ concerts at 2:00 pm on Sundays at the Spreckels Organ Pavillion in Balboa Park.
  • If you are in Balboa Park and are looking for something different, check out the

    House of Pacific Relations International Cottages.

  • Seaport Village is a fun walk and it’s right on the bay too, so there are tons of cool activities going on any given day!
  • Further east, there is the Old Mission Dam Regional Park and the Old Mission Dam visitor center.  (wear closed toed shoes!)
  • If you want to visit the beach, the Sea lions at the Children’s beach in La Jolla are fun (but don’t touch them!), the tide pools are a fun hands on activity, or check out the light house on Pt. Loma!
  • Visit Old Town State Historic Park.  There are tons of cool places in the park that are free to get into.  The Mormon battalion museum is in old town too, and it’s pretty cool (even if you aren’t LDS, it’s a pretty cool look into America’s history). And- if you have a ghost hunter in the family, the Whaley House is said to be haunted!
  • The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is on MCAS Miramar, but it’s open to civilans! Oh, and it’s free!!
  • The San Diego Mission is cool too! There is also a mission in Oceanside, and a smaller mission in Santa Ysabel.
  • Traveling east into San Diego County, Julian is a fun place to visit.  There are tons of cool stores, and pie shops. If you aren’t into shopping or enjoying a scenic drive, there are lots of hiking trails and camping spots in and around Julian.
  • If you want to learn more about the Native Culture of San Diego area Native Americans, there are several reservations her, and several of them have museums and information centers.
  • If you kids are like Lil’ Man, they love “Dino’s”.  The San Diego Creation and Earth Museum has awesome displays of dinosaurs and small animals. Regardless of your religious or scientific beliefs, it’s still a fun trip!

There are a lot of other fun, free, and educational places to visit here in San Diego- what are some of your favorites?

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